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Saturday, February 28, 2015

More stitching...

Okay, I saw the announcement of yellow and since I was already in that mode...
I didn't have much variety in my yellows but it came out ok.  

I also got my Snap Shots block done, just before February was over!  Yay!

So, here they are together.  I think I am going to LOVE this quilt when it is all finished!

And here is the only HP block I finished today.  Can you see the shimmery fabric for the Invisible Book of Invisibility?

We had about 6 inches of snow as of around 10 am.  It is almost all melted now and, so, we just have a wet mess.  Gotta love winter in the desert. 

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Here are my RSC blocks for February. 

Ans here they are all together.  I have no idea how I set them together.  I am not even making them a regular size.  I am starting with 6.5 inch squares, sewing them in to half square triangles, then pinwheels, and trimming them up to 11 inches.  I guess, if I decide on a regular pattern, it will have to be with 10 inch squares and I will have to trim them all down to 10.5.  But, if I use just a simple sashing & cornerstone method, they are fine. 

Thinking I will head back up and work on a few Harry Potter blocks and my Snap Shots QAL for this month. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Snowday Play

I can't believe we had a school closure snow day here in the desert, at the end of February!
But, I loved it!

I dove into the scraps and made a couple of potholders with double layers of InsulBright.  I like them thick!
I save my left over binding so I have a drawer of it all ready to go for things like this!

I have been wanting to make something with this "tag" method.  So, I cut out my white fabric & batting in pillow size and went to town.  I have been wanting to do this with my long-arm but started just on my sit-down machine.  May try a baby quilt size on the long-arm in the future. 
I made the backing out of white flannel and I happened to have a pillow form in the closet.  I had a lot of fun!  I really needed this day off, too! 
Happy stitching this weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Second scrappy trip block

Here is the second Scrappy Trip block-Bonnie Hunter style. 

Here are the first few blocks for my other scrap quilt.  They will be set on point with a narrow lattice so they will be a bit more tame than this. 

Can you tell that I had strip sets of that pink, blue, green, and yellow left from another project?  I promise, they won't all have that color scheme. 
I have even done something I never have before- included Christmas fabrics in with everyday.  I know Bonnie does it all the time. 
Can't wait for the weekend so I can make some more progress. 
It takes a lot of time to search through and cut up the scraps. 

I also need to catch up on my Project of Doom/Harry Potter & Snapshots quilt along.  I am going to be a busy little quilting diva!

Slipping in some scrap time

Here is my first block for a Scrappy Trip quilt (see www.quiltville.blogspot.com ).
I have quilt projects coming out my ears but these scraps must be tamed.  So, in addition to a scrappy half square triangle quilt, and some scrappy music note blocks, that I have planned, I have also started this and another scrap quilt from the Spring Quilts and More- A Pinch of This p. 59.  I may make it  larger though.  Depends if one of my kids decides they want it.  If not, it needs to be king size. 

I am struggling with motivation on my Orca Bay.  I love it, just is tedious and seems to be taking forever.  Someone want to nudge me on it???

Here is my puppy.  He will be 1 year old in May.  Surprised I got him to stand still for this.  He usually jumps at the camera.  He just came home from the groomer.  He is very rambunctious and I don't know if I will ever be able to train him to be a polite boy.  For his sake, I hope so, because he is driving my husband and my kids crazy!

I stayed home today-fighting off a cold and I have a stiff neck, in addition to my knee killing me from overdoing it with a long run this weekend.  Guess I will try to head in to work tomorrow and tough it out. 

Hope you have a marvelous time quilting!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

More Harry Potter Blocks

These blocks are addictive!  I am having so much fun with them!

I was really excited to see the picture frame block since I was already planning on putting a few pictures in. 
I really like the picture of the Hippogriff that I found online.  I have a lot more planned with printable fabric. 
Not much getting done on other projects.  These are too much fun to focus on anything else. 
I am making good progress on a crochet shawl. I have used almost 2 full skeins and am only about half way finished with it. 
So glad it is a 3 day weekend!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekend progress

Here is a block I made today.  The quill was "fun" to get lined up, as you can see. 

I got this one done today also.  I am not sure why the tea cup is a little wonky but I am going to live with it. 

Here is the block I worked on yesterday.  Actually I was working on it from 2-4 am on Saturday morning.  Couldn't sleep. 

I am having a lot of fun with this quilt but it takes up a lot of quilting time.
I did make a little progress on my Orca Bay but nothing to show. 

I am re-reading the first Harry Potter book- inspired to do so with the start of this quilt.  When my husband say me reading it, he suggested we re-watch all the movies so we have watched the first four in the past week.  My daughter was very excited to join us in watching them again! 
I am not sure I can watch the Umbrage one again though...


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